Can I please get a round of applause for finally finishing my What the Fade shawl? This thing took me close to six months to complete. Thanks to a rain day and being called off work, I spent an awful lot of time casting off and rewatching Stranger Things. It was hard to finish this project, I really enjoyed having something mindless to work on. But man, the endless knitting was well worth it! I can’t believe how much I love this. There were many times during the process where I had to stop and question if this shawl would actually be useful. Boy, was I ever wrong. 

I think casting this off right as Fall arrived was impeccable timing. It is the perfect size for either a cozy scarf, a nice wrap, or in tough times a fabulous blanket.

Pattern: What the Fade by Andrea Mowry

Yarn: Stranger Things Colorways: Mindflayer, The Upside Down, and Eleven by Yarn Cafe Creations