LOTR Knitting headcanons for the Fellowship


Elves don’t really knit, they can, but more often then not they crochet. And Legolas can crochet like a pro.


Cannot Knit or crochet to save his life but definitely can use a loom and can embroider like no one’s business. Makes a full tapestry in his free time after the quest is over depicting scenes from the adventure.


Can crochet only out of self preservation, plus it really helps being able to darn his own socks as a Ranger who spends months away from any town where he could purchase new ones. Once made Arwen a lace shawl as a gift. She loves it and wears it all the time.

The Hobbits:

All of them have some rudimentary skill with knitting needles.

Pippin is the best of the lot, which is a little surprising considering how hard it is to get him to sit still. He once gave everyone in the Shire scarves for his birthday but saved a blue one just for himself.

Sam is a close second. He works with his hands a lot as a gardener and that skill translates over to his knitting. His garden will always come first, but whenever he gets the chance, you can probably find him with knitting needles in hand.

Frodo is third best. He could be just as good as Sam only he doesn’t put much effort into it. He would much rather be writing like his Uncle. The only reason he doesn’t come in fourth is because …

Merry is absolutely horribel at knitting. This doesn’t deter him in the slightest mind you. He ends up tying the yarn into knots that cannot be undone. He once tied himself up and had to have Pippin cut him free. He refuses to tell anyone how he did it.


Gandalf can both Knit and Crochet. But he truly enjoys macrame the best. The endless tying of knots into shapes is both fun and relaxing. His stuff will periodically change colors and having one of Gandalfs scarves is quite an accomplishment in the Shire.


Boromir is the best at knitting.

I could see one if his nurse maids teaching him in an attempt to get the energetic kind so SIT STILL for a second, and then when Faramir is born he has a blast making baby blankets.

He was the guy that when one if his men has a new kid, he would make the child a baby blanket.

This is not to say that he was always the best or that he kept up the practice ever since he was a child. No, Borimir stopped for a while, after Faramir was too old to get another blanket or hat and Denethor expressed his displeasure with his eldest doing something not battle related (it’s the closest he has ever come to actually showing disappointment in his first born).

I like to think that after his first major battle, his first time truly spilling blood, he can’t sleep. The screams of his fellow soldiers (he is not a Captain yet) fill his ears at night, he can still taste the grime of the battle in his mouth, the world is dark and there is this hopeless feeling that all he is good for is destroying things. Getting tired of doing nothing but stare at his ceiling at night, Boromir picks up the knitting needles for the first time in years. It gives him something to do, a good distraction from the horrors that plague his mind, and it’s nice to be creating something for a change.