Glamourie Knitting Patterns by Alice Starmore

You can find this book on Amazon for about $25 with patterns for cardigans, hats, capes, collars etc… The first half of the book is “inspirational costumes” like The Raven pictured above. The second half is devoted to detailed patterns, using elements from the Glamourie Costumes like The Raven’s feathers. 

In the words of Alice Starmore:

Glamourie is a Scots word meaning a charmed condition in which everything is invested with magical properties and possibilities. In this unique book, Alice Starmore leads us into the realm of glamourie and — like the witches of Gaelic folklore — casts spells with needles and a single thread. Taking her daughter Jade’s supernatural stories as inspiration, she uses the art of hand knitting to bewitch and bedazzle, and illustrates the tales with elaborate costumes and accessories that portray fanciful and extraordinary ideas. In creating these costumes, she has powerfully demonstrated the glamourie that can flow from the twin wands of a master magician.

When it came to creating the patterned designs, I included instructions for the essential elements that I used in the costumes. I did this so that you, the knitter, not only have the instructions to make the designs exactly as shown, but you also have these essential elements so that you can shape-shift them as little or as much as you please.

Raven Collar

Raven Poncho


Raven Cardigan Triple Collar


Eagle Wrap Small and Large