This wrap has been taking up all my knitting time and I just can’t wait to get to the end of the rainbow! Partly for the full effect and partly because even I’m getting tired of knitting this shawl – every lace+garter set takes approximately three hours to knit (not to mention I was six sections in before I frogged it and started again – story for another time) and so pictured here is roughly 72 hours of work with maybe another 24 hours to go.

But look at how wonderful the gradient is turning out! This will be massive once it’s done and will be a birthday present for a friend who is also a knitter so I’ll give her the choice between this wrap and balls of yarn so she does not feel obligated to take this. Is it bad that a part of me wants her to take the yarn? I really like this shawl with this gradient and the black and I have another set of the colours but it may be years before I feel like knitting this again. Though the thought of her wearing this rainbow wrap makes me even happier so I do hope she likes it!