The Cousins

Pamela Thomas


I started knitting in college, but life and career pulled me away from my hobby. Flash forward 30 years to 2016, I picked up my needles again when I found my old knitting stash in a clear plastic shoe box while cleaning and organizing after my father’s passing. Although I had forgotten how to knit I used YouTube video to relearn. Much to my surprise I found my knitting became an important part of my grieving process, helping me reflect and process the earth shattering experience of losing a parent. Since then I have officially “caught the bug” and am obsessed with all things fiber.

Pam lives in Virginia. She has been a consultant to various individuals, small businesses, churches and other non profit organizations over the past 15 years. Pam has facilitated a wide variety of workshops, classes, and retreats for businesses, churches and other non profits over the past decade.  She holds an a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters of Divinity.

Robin Younginer

I started crocheting  in my teens(as a teenager). I have crocheted Afghan baby blankets for friends and family over the last 30 years. One of my passion projects is donating crocheted hats to neonatal units.

Robin has lived in Washington D.C. her whole life. She has worked for a number of large non profit organizations, including Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital. Robin is a licensed Massage Therapist for 14 years enjoying clients thru, private home studio , corporate seated sessions  & special events.  She has been on staff at the Potomac Massage Therapy Institute since 2007.