Why Knitted Knockers?

Here are some of the many reasons why women love Knitted Knockers…

  1. Knitted Knockers are FREE! We are 100% volunteer run so donations are always appreciated but never required.
  2. Knitted Knockers are soft, light weight breast prosthetics that are very comfortable for women who have undergone mastectomies, lumpectomies and radiation, and/or are undergoing reconstruction.
  3. Knitted knockers are adjustable for a custom fit. The back is left open to allow for adjusting, simply remove and shift stuffing to the area needing fullness. When adjusted cinch up the back and tuck in the yarn tail loosely inside the hole.
  4. They can be worn with any regular bra, sports bra, mastectomy bra or post-op camisole. A snug fit full coverage bra works best. A Velcro tab or a simple pin works to keep the knocker in place in a bra. Loosely stitching the knocker into the bra works fine as it can be washed along with the bra and air dried.
  5. Knitted Knockers can be weighted by adding a small stone or marble that you can buy at a craft store to get the weight you desire.
  6. The knockers are made of soft, cotton, washable yarn and filled with PolyFiberFil.
  7. Your knocker can be washed stuffed or unstuffed on the gentle cycle and hung to dry.
  8. There are also Knitted Knockers used for swimming made of an acrylic yarn so they dry faster. We recommend a separate pair dedicated for swimming.

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